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The U is New Jersey's premiere Yoga and Wellness Studio offering a wide variety of unique health related services and amenities including Hot Yoga. Our product is perfect for all participants. We offer our yoga HOT but for people who don't enjoy the heat, they can most certainly practice in the environment most comfortable to them. We offer a great stationary series that seasoned yogis always enjoy. This series will also challenge any first timers to come back for more. Our team here at U Yoga has thought of everything to make your experience here "About U" every time. Take 90 minutes and be selfish! Work on yourself without any interruption from everyday life to develop The U that you have been searching for. Discovery begins today!

U Facility

U Amenities

For all our members we provide free towel service and mat rentals at no charge. We invite you to bring your own mat, if you prefer and a “yogitoes" style towel to cover your mat (best suited for hot yoga) and water. Both a "yogitoes" towel and water can be purchased at the front desk.


At UYOGA we offer both traditional and non-traditional yoga classes. We designed our class programming to be all inclusive to the many elements that comprise a fit mind and body. Unless otherwise specified all our classes are taught in approximately 95 degree heat with humidity. Our ventilation system allows for air movement and provides a comfortable warm environment best suited for deep muscle release. Looking for traditional yoga classes? Try U-Hatha Fusion, U-Flow and U-Yin Yoga. Looking for non-traditional “fusion-style” yoga classes? Try U-Core, U-Strong and SportsYoga. Trying Hot Yoga for the first time? We recommend you begin with our U-Hatha Fusion or U-Core Foundation classes. Looking to challenge yourself further? We recommend our U-Flow, U-YOGA 101 and U-Strong Classes. Need to reboot and re-balance? Try our U-YIN and SportsYoga classes. Any questions about our unique Yoga programming and how to make the best choices for you? Please contact our Programming Manager, Mike Silva. We are always happy to serve and provide you with a unique Yoga experience. Namaste!


U-Hatha Fusion is a stationary, meditative practice evolving from "the hot 26” posture series. Basic flow-like sequences have been added in between various poses to deepen one’s awareness. This mixed style of “flowing" and “holding” postures will build strong foundations in alignment, balance, flexibility and strength. It is a great first, second and ongoing step toward developing a solid yoga practice. All levels 1-2-3


U-Flow is a well-balanced, mindful Yoga class. The program is designed to take you deeper into your Yoga practice, exploring the polarities of movement and stillness, mindfulness and strength. The flowing postures link movement and breath creating mobility and balance. A great second step to your Hatha yoga practice and an ongoing step for personal growth and development. Mixed Level 2-3. Not recommended for beginners


Experience the YIN cool/calm energy that balances our high-energy daily routines. The postures performed during the YIN practice are alignment based, targeting the connective tissues of the body. Through the use of props, blankets and bolsters, practitioners will gain mobility by opening joint space and help to relax and release muscle tension. YIN Yoga is a meditative styled yoga that allows the mind to clear, the body to unwind and the spirit to renew. All levels 1-2-3 Temperature = NO HEAT


Is unique to UYOGA and one of our signature branded classes. It is designed to educate and bring awareness to the participant's posture and core muscle groups on and off the mat! This fusion class of yoga, Pilates and traditional fitness exercises specifically target the stabilizers of the spine, improve flexibility and correct muscle imbalances. U-Core is the foundational step upon which all other forms of exercise, such as strength training and cardio-respiratory workouts can be built. This class will utilize specialized props in order to properly develop the muscle stabilizers. All levels 1-2-3

U-YOGA 101

Non Heated
In U-YOGA 101 students will learn basic yoga postures, focusing on alignment, building strength, and developing mental focus. A great class for those new to yoga or for the experienced practitioner looking to refine his or her practice.
Class = 60 minutes


U-Strong is unique to UYOGA and one of our signature branded classes. U-Strong is the next step after building primary foundations in U-Hatha and U-Core classes. Once alignment, balance and stability have been established, the body requires additional gains in strength, cardio-respiratory and functional movement. U-Strong is a fusion class incorporating heavier weights for strength, movement exercises for heart rate training and yoga flow patterns for flexibility. Mixed level 2-3. Not recommended for beginners

Sports Yoga

Finally a yoga-based class for Athletes! Looking to improve lower back and core strength? Increase range of motion and better your stability? This class is designed to build the foundations necessary for every Athlete. Utilizing blocks, bands and gliders this program curriculum will not only help prevent injury but enhance performance. A must take sports class for any age, gender or fitness buff looking to improve his or her game on or off the field! All levels 1-2-3


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Are you interested in joining a dynamic team of Yoga professionals? Instructors, contact us about current openings by clicking here.
Melissa Troast
U-Flow and U-Hatha Fusion Instructor

Melissa's first experience teaching yoga was with her pre-k and kindergarten students, incorporating poses into stories and using gentle breathing and restorative poses after lunch time to encourage relaxation. She completed a Children's Yoga Teacher Training through Naturally Yoga and developed a children's yoga program that she brought to a number of local preschools and after-school programs. Melissa's passion for yoga grew, and she went on to complete a 300hr Yoga Teacher Training at The American Yoga Academy in 2013. She also completed additional trainings in prenatal and restorative yoga, as well as becoming a certified IM=X Pilates instructor. Melissa holds a B.A. in History from Ramapo College, and teaching certificates in Social Studies and Elementary Education. She recently left classroom teaching to pursue a full-time career as a yoga and Pilates instructor, sharing her passion for healthy living and fitness. Melissa is excited to join the U Yoga team, teaching U-Hatha and Flow classes.

Susan Barber
Staff Instructor

Susan Barber began her yoga journey 20 years ago when she fell in love with classical Ashtanga yoga studying with her first and primary teacher Beryl Bender Birch. She spent 5 years training to become a teacher of yoga, travelling to India to immerse herself in the culture of the ancient tradition and spending time at Swami Satchidanandas Ashram. Susan spent several years in Germany working with Wounded Warriors and those healing from Trauma as well as having taught internationally for the past 18 years in Singapore, Bahrain and Europe. On staff at the Frankfurt International School, Susan taught yoga to the parents, staff and her favorite littlest yogis in the 3-5 year old classes. Susan and family recently settled in Ridgewood NJ and she is excited to share yoga with the local community. Her classes are traditional and alignment based while encouraging students to adapt the practice to their own bodies and unique needs – and have some fun!

Cara Schroter
U-Core and U-Strong Instructor

Fitness has always been a huge part of Cara's life as she played college soccer and always realized the importance of exercise. She completed her soccer career after graduating college in 2006 and started taking Pilates classes after to fill the athletic void. She was intrigued and impressed on how her body responded to Pilates. Shortly after she was certified in January of 2009 and continued to take other certifications that were based around Pilates Principles to expand her group fitness classes. She currently is certified in AFAA Group Fitness, PIA Reformer, Power Pilates Mat, Peak Pilates MVe Chair, willPower & grace, and CARDIOLATES(R). Cara has instructed at local facilities and studios since 2009 and has also volunteered her time to train local High School soccer teams in Pilates. Cara joins U-Yoga as an instructor for the U-Core and U-Strong classes. She belives Core Strength is imperative to achieve the best form of exercise regardless of the kind of exercise you are doing. Once the student has a great foundation, it allows them to find balance and try new things. She believes balance is important as it will keep things interesting and challenging.

Helaine Kay
U-Core and U-Strong Instructor

After retiring from her career in Advertising, Helaine decided to turn her passion for fitness into a career. Helaine has been teaching group fitness at various health clubs for almost 8 years, providing great motivation and knowledge to her spin and pilates' clients. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to bring her talent and passion now to U-Yoga. Helaine is the mother of 3 children ages 14, 11 and 7. She is also the Fitness Editor for Bergen Mama, an online blog for all things "cool and hip" in Bergen. Helaine brings her positive energy to every class she teaches. Her motivation to "spark a lifelong addiction to fitness" is what motivates her everyday to give her students the best possible workout, leaving all participants feeling strong and energized! Helaine joins the U-team teaching both U-Core and U-Strong classes.

Irena Cevallos
U-Flow Instructor

Irena has been into fitness her whole life but after taking her first hot yoga class, she felt something different. She had fallen in love with yoga and wanted to share it with everyone else around her. Without hesitation, she answered her calling and made the decision to study with Ben Wisch at Flow Yoga Hohokus. In 2015, she completed her 200h and began to teach. She is currently taking another 200h training with Amy Pastore and she is so passionate to learn more about yoga. In taking Irena's class you can expect to sweat your way through a challenging but playful flow. She feels grateful to be able to do what she loves, her teachings come from her heart and love for yoga.

Tommy Coombs
U-Yoga ROCKS! and U-Flow Instructor

Tommy was introduced to Hot Yoga after a car accident in 2004. Little did he know that this would forever change his life. At first, Yoga was for pain management and rehabilitation, but with consistent practice the deep healing began and he became stronger and pain free. In 2011, he completed his first 200 hour teacher training program led by Jody Domerstad at Hot Yoga NJ and he completed his second 200 hour training with Raji Thron at Yoga Synthesis In 2013. His studies continued in 2014 focusing on alignment with Todd Norian and Rolf Gates at Kripalu and with Darlene Vanderhoop for Yin Yoga training. Forever the student, he continues his journey by attending trainings and workshops to share the benefits that come from the practice of Yoga. Tommy also plays the drums and has performed, traveled and recorded with many bands that helps bring his love of music into his teaching style. He joins the U-Team teaching U-Yoga ROCKS! and U-Flow classes.

Lori Brophy
U-Flow Instructor

Lori took her first Yoga class over 15 years ago when she was looking for strength and flexibility to enhance her running. She came away with a much greater gift and learned to integrate the practice of Yoga into her daily life on and off the mat. She approaches yoga as an opportunity to find relaxation and balance in a busy life, cultivate flexibility and reconnect to innate joy. Completing her 200 hour certification through Yoga Mountain in 2011, she earned her E-RYT 200 in 2 years through Yoga Alliance. Continuing her education through workshops and retreats, she applies this knowledge to grow as both teacher and student. She holds a Level II Reiki Certification in the Usui tradition. It is her desire to give her students a deep understanding of asana, alignment and anatomy so they can learn the needs of their body. Cultivating movement through breath, allowing the mind-body-breath connection to strengthen, enables them to take this awareness off their mat and into their life. That is the yoga!!!! "Yoga is the artwork of awareness on the canvas of body, mind, and soul." Lori joins the U-Team teaching U-Flow classes.

Allison Felderman
Customer Service Representative

Allison began her career in the fitness industry back in 2003 teaching kickboxing after the birth of her daughter. She has many years of customer service experience both in her native homeland of New Zealand, England and her in the U.S. She loves to meet and serve people and is excited to be part of the inspirational U-Team as a customer service representative. Allison has lived in the U.S. for 16 years and enjoys the outdoors, traveling, Rugby, Cricket and sailing. She currently resides in Ramsey with her husband and daughter.

Jen Edleson
Customer Service Representative

Jen has always been passionate about health education and body awareness on all levels. She worked for almost 10 years in healthcare public relations in NYC, and then co-produced a TV show on diabetes for an NYC-based independent film-making studio. Jen is also a certified reiki master. She lives in Ramsey with her husband and 2 children. Jen joins the U-team as one of our customer service representatives.

Patti Lewis
U-Flow Instructor

Patti began her journey taking yoga as a senior in high school. She became a group fitness instructor during college at a gym chain. Although there were detours allowing for growth as an artist, art therapist, and dancer, she found her way back to her yoga practice after the birth of her children. Patti has studied Bikram, Vinyasa, and Hatha Raja yoga. Her teachers have found form in her teaching style. The combined experience as an artist and love of dance shows in the stylish imagery, strength, and flow of her class. She is a 500 hr. ERYT, receiving her training at Bamboomoves Yoga and HOMe Yoga. She continues to add to her training through workshops and intensives. Moving from a place rooted in the philosophy of yoga, the poses carry not only form but focus on transformation inside and out. Patti joins the U-YOGA team teaching U-Flow classes.

Amy Pressman
U-Core and U-Strong Instructor

Amy’s passion for fitness goes back to the early days of teaching aerobics! Teaching group fitness classes lead her to a lifetime dedication of running and strength training. Recognizing the need for further growth, Amy looked to add the all important component of “core” training to her fitness routine. In 2012 Amy became certified in Pilates matwork and immediately began training clients on the importance of Pilates style training for the core muscle groups. With over 25 years of education and experience, Amy joins the UYOGA team teaching both U-CORE1 and U-STRONG classes.

Daniela Bianco
U-Core Flow and U-Strong Instructor

Daniela has had a love for fitness ever since her first gym experience at the age of 13. As she grew older, she realized she wanted to change lives through health and fitness. She began coaching girl's softball and cheerleading at the school where she currently teaches 5th grade. Her fitness career started off with boot camps in the park for the locals, to in home personal training, to teaching yoga, kickboxing, strength training, and core classes in various facilities. She soon fell in love with yoga and began to add her own unique practice to her classes. Daniela also teaches yoga to children at schools for summer programs. She is very excited to join the U Yoga team! Daniela is committed to giving her students the best possible workout while making them stronger physically and mentally.

Matt Plotkin

Matthew was first introduced to yoga around 2010 when studying business at Hofstra University in Long Island, NY. He dived into a traditional hot yoga practice and found many challenges and rewards in body and mind. Following this he branched out to explore other planets in the yoga solar system before finally settling at Strala Yoga in NYC where he attended his 200 Yoga Teacher training with Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor in 2015. Matthew draws from his experience in multiple disciplines to create a yoga class based on mind-body connection, moving from one's center and moving naturally; in a way that feels good.

Jude Saoud

Jude began yoga in 2001 after a college friend asked her to come to a class at a yoga studio just outside Philadelphia. She Instantly feel in love with yoga and began doing kharma yoga work at that studio for the next three years. After working as a nurse for eleven years in both Pennsylvania and NJ, she stopped working a few years after her third baby was born. The draw back to yoga was strong, so she enrolled in a 200 hour teacher training in 2014. She now continues with her advanced three hundred hour RYT, in which she will graduate at the end of June. Her love for yoga has been an inspiration in so many ways and has connected her to many wonderful people. And the best part, is her journey has just begun.

Teresa Chronopoulos

Teresa has a passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. She began her fitness journey in 2008 when her fourth child entered school full time. She knew this was the time to get her body back and focus some time on herself. In 2009, Teresa was chosen to be featured in Shape Magazine as a weight loss success story. This gave Teresa the motivation and determination to continue on her path to a healthy lifestyle. Teresa found a love for Hot Yoga and Pilates. In 2014, Teresa received her advanced mat certification from The Jumping Frog Academy in Tenafly, NJ. Teresa is excited to join the U Yoga Team and bring her knowledge and love for fitness to all of her students. Teresa has a passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. She began her fitness journey in 2008 when her fourth child entered school full time. She knew this was the time to get her body back and focus some time on herself. In 2009, Teresa was chosen to be featured in Shape Magazine as a weight loss success story. This gave Teresa the motivation and determination to continue on her path to a healthy lifestyle. Teresa found a love for Hot Yoga and Pilates. In 2014, Teresa received her advanced mat certification from The Jumping Frog Academy in Tenafly, NJ. Teresa is excited to join the U Yoga Team and bring her knowledge and love for fitness to all of her students.

Raechel Lutz

Athletic by nature, Raechel first attended a hot yoga class shortly after graduating from college. Yoga quickly became the most challenging and fulfilling athletic adventure of her life. Raechel was trained in 2011 and has since studied at Laughing Lotus NYC and the Breathing Project with specializations in yoga anatomy, hand-on assisting, restorative yoga, and vinyasa sequencing. She is also certified as a Core Strength Vinyasa teacher. She is driven to inspire students to live more fully and presently in their bodies by using the tools of asana.

Lisa Podesta

At first, her mat was a place she went to escape life’s challenges, but over time, Lisa’s mat became the place she returned to confront them. Lisa has been practicing yoga since 2008, received her 200HR RYT certification from Raji Thron of Yoga Synthesis and earned her 30 hour Chakra Yoga Teacher Training certificate studying with Anodea Judith, the authority on all things Chakra. Lisa is also a Health Coach, certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has been singing since she was 15. Forever a student with a passion for people, holistic health and self-actualization, Lisa continues to embrace opportunities to advance her education and experience. Yoga continues to show Lisa more of her authentic self every day, constantly reminding her to meet and accept herself where she is, while always challenging her to push her limits. As she continues to connect with and nourish her natural self through her own practice, Lisa wants to share the gift of yoga with as many people as she can in an effort to inspire authenticity in body, mind and spirit. You can expect a fun, accessible, dynamic and mindful flow from Lisa.


Manners and Mindfulness

Yoga Studios provide an environment for meditation and awareness. At UYOGA we invite our guest and members to follow a few guidelines to ensure a positive and healing experience for all.

  1. Please Be On Time

    Give yourself time to get set up before class. Being mindful of others and not interrupting with a late entrance. If on occasion you are late, please wait until the instructor has completed his or her beginning meditation before entering yoga room.

  2. A Quiet Room

    The Yoga Room is a quiet room. A place for our members to de-stress and relax. If absolutely necessary to talk, please whisper and keep all conversations saved for outside the yoga room. UYOGA has a long hallway, waiting area. Please feel welcome to use this area to socialize.

  3. No Cell Phones

    We live in a generation of constant interaction with computers. Yoga Rooms are a unique place for self-contemplation and renewal. For this reason, please be respectful of yourself and others and leave cell phones outside the yoga room. Should you have an emergency, please let the instructor know. We will ask you to silence your phone and discretely place under your mat or towel. PLEASE NO VISIBLE CELL PHONES IN THE YOGA ROOM.

  4. Stay In The Room

    Our yoga room is a classroom. An atmosphere of learning and meditation, not one of distractions. For this reason, please use the bathroom prior to class, come prepared with ample water and towels and try to stay in the room. If you feel tired or uncomfortable, please feel free to sit or lie down on your mat and rest. Should it be an emergency and you need to leave the room, please make eye contact with the instructor, letting him or her know your situation.

  5. Savasana

    Savasana is one of the most restorative components of a yoga class. It allows the entire “person” mind, body and spirit to renew and reset. It is an important time of stillness and breath for both you and your neighbor. Please be mindful not to engage in any other activities during this time period. If you need to leave class early, please leave prior to this final meditation.

  6. Personal Hygiene

    Sharing a yoga room together, it is important for each student to contribute to the air quality during time of practice. Please be mindful, not only of your personal hygiene but also the perfume or cologne you may be wearing from your day. Meditation and breath work are vital components of our class programs, please be respectful and aware.

  7. Be Neighborly and Responsible

    Please be respectful of your neighbor. Staying on your mat and practicing good manners always makes for a more pleasant experience amongst one another. If you borrow a mat, please clean it when you are finished (tea tree oil), roll up and place outside the double studio doors in basket. Please also place used towels in appropriate bins and clean up all props and belongings behind you.

At UYOGA we thank you for your cooperation and consideration. We take pride in providing our members with a clean, healthy and meditative environment. A place for each student to find peace and stability in both mind and body. We hope you will relax and enjoy your UYOGA experience. Namaste!


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